No need to say the world is in clear and present danger. Temperatures are rising, the sea level is at it's highest ever and what's even worse: a lot of people don't get the message that we have to act very quick!

Maybe our future is in the hands of the 'Climates'? Our morphing friends experience every day in a funny though harsh way the consequences of climate change. The animations are short and hilarious but the message is as clear as a sunny day. 
So meet our fast morphing Climadz and join us on a quest saving planet Earth from the toxic habits we have!




Ever wondered who's responsible for your screen saver? And who is cleaning your Hard Disk? We know who is afraid for crashes! The Bitmadz are a bunch of techno's who are always running around in your hi-tech stuff. Wether it's your smartphone, your iPad or even your smart TV, the Bitmadz will try everything to keep it going smoothly. Nevertheless, you may interfere troubles when 'A Bit Lazy' and 'A Bit Crazy' have discussions about connections or power circuits. Anyway, their adventures are always more than a bit hilarious!



SOmething's cooking!

Did you ever woke up in the middle of the night, not knowing what made you rise for any reason? We discovered that those little creatures can only be seen by children. Because they’re our kids best friends, no adults can face them directly!

We call those sneaky little bastards the ‘Monsterchefz’. They just love to play in your kitchen and are not afraid to mess up your cooking supplies. The only thing that matters to them is that we cook with healthy ingredients!




Do you believe in 'faith'? Do you often think 'coincidence' is just coincidence? Or maybe you're a believer of a parallel universe where everything happens, or just not happens, with a reason. Some people think there are forces that can't be seen but they happen just because they are here to protect you. Heavy stuff but we have some proof there are invisible powers that 'manage' things you don't experience. 

In january 2021 we will show you - or not - some unseen things. 

In the meanwhile, keep your eyes open! 

breaking borders


As long as history exists, creatures have been wandering around. Not only on earth, but throughout the Universe. Yes, we had, and still have, Nomadz from this and other galaxy's wandering around. The reasons are unknown, but as far as we know, they don't have any borders. They change the game and our way of thinking. 
Discover our Nomadz from the beginning of january 2021 and join us for a trip that leads to places where you should have been before! 

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