jump around!

Our Boinkeez don't always keep there heads up, but that's just the way they're designed to be. They're funny figurines that can have every design but the head is attached as a bouncing ball. So you have double the fun from the same figurine. The funny part is you can mix the heads with other figurines and create your own crazy collections! 


stand up for joy!

The Tumbleez are here to rock. With their weighted bottom they always stand up straight, no matter how you play with them. Throw them, kick them and fool around with the Tumbleez. With your own fantastic design they are superb to create a fantastic collection that makes your brand stand out from the crowd!


THey just click 4U

Click and build with our Clickrz! Each item can be printed in full colour on both sides. You can even play a memory game with them or compete with eachother if you provide strengths on the collectibles.


stick to your originals

Our 'Pluggeez' are little silicone creatures that can me produced in any shape possible. They can have every design possible and will always stick to a flat surface. 
Our designers will advise you to use as less colors as possible but that doesn't mean you have less creativity on the design. If you're looking for some examples, please contact our team!