Technology is a key word and will be even more important for the generations to come. Who is responsible for all this. How does it all work? Who is responsible for your screen saver? And who is cleaning your Hard Disk? 


We know who is afraid for crashes! The Bitmadz are Bits and Bytes that came to live to explain us how it all works! They are a bunch of techno’s who are always running around in your hi-tech stuff, your smartphone, your iPad or even your smart TV. 


The figurines are based on the ‘I’ and the ‘0’ from the binary computer languages. Every I can be an 0, depending on how he behaves. The Bitmadz are going up from one Bit (the smallest) to a Pentabyte (The biggest of the family)

They all have their own qualities and have to cooperate in order to run the machines smooth. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes things get wrong, connections are getting wrong, processors are running slow, etc... Will it eventually crash? That’s the intruiging world of the Bitmadz!


A bit lazy

Is your technology running slow? Your PC is dragging? Quite possible that our guy needs some attention. He falls asleep quite often so his friends have to take action. Don’t restart everything but wait a few minutes!

A bit DOWN

Gets depressed every time is going wrong. He tries to fix it all but unfortunately he’s not the smartest kid in chipland. 

When you see dead pixels on your screen, you know who to blame...

A bit touchy

This new guy has joined the team a few years ago when the touch-screens arrived on devices. Touch him and he’s happy, but don’t hit that screen to hard!!

a bit hungry

Eats data as breakfast, has uploads as lunch and streaming for dinner. No wonder he has the biggest capacity of the bunch!

a bit crazy

Our friend is always in the mood to experience new things. Often in a good way but also in a manner that things get messy. Loves techno gear and buys everything online.

a bit happy

Here’s a fellow that is always happy. He never sees a problem but is convinced that everything will turn out okay. When everyone is in panic, he will still whistle. 

a bit mad

Sometimes when you hear your computer making heavy noises when it’s cooling down, you may know this is only for this guy who has lost his temper. Don’t worry, he will cool down!

A bit stupid

Our youngest bit is a little shy, unexperienced and quite clumsy. He’s a fresh bit who continuously needs to be feeded with information. Has lots of friends!  

At this moment we're working on nice collections that will set a mark. Soon in a shop near to you!

gear up with THE BITMADZ!

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