Have you ever been wondering what happens in your kitchen when you’re at sleep? Did you ever woke up in the middle of the night, not knowing what made you rise for any reason? 

For years we believed gnomes where the reason for the rumor downstairs, but that story is over!


We discovered that those little creatures can only be seen by children. Because they’re our kids best friends,
no adults can face them directly! We call those sneaky little bastards the ‘MonsterChefz’. They just love to play in your kitchen and are not afraid to mess up your cooking supplies. 


Just let your kids have fun with those waggish devils, play multiple games and collect them in the collector albums. That’s the only way to master your kitchen scenery! 


Oh, do we have to mention they might be small but are very fast? Some of them are being told to have strong magical unearthly powers that are beyond our believes…


gear up with THE MONSTERCHEFZ!

The Monsterchefz are suitable for all kind of collections. Just let your imagination go or contact us for more details!

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